Saturday, May 20, 2017

so this happened...

In my head, I've written so many witty, insightful, beautiful, and remarkable scraps these past months. At least once a week, there was something to share. we are, I was too busy with things like mastering the sour dough,

studying for my clinical license, letting 'my' politicians know how I think/feel about things, and other work/hobbies. But. This past week, this happened:

Vera with her BFA (Bachelors in Fine Art) from the School of the Art Institute Chicago 

Emma in Bryant Park, NYC, after walking for her BFA and French
So naturally, celebrations were in order! And thankfully, we could attend both ceremonies, in appropriate birth order. And fortunately, my mom could be there for all of it as well (like last year for Thijs). And when we celebrate, we celebrate in style....

Emma and Thijs enjoying dollar pizza on the streets of NYC...

the crew with beer at Fraunces Tavern 
We also take in other cultural aspects of course, such as the Metropolitan Museum and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

some reflection on past and future was done
No witty insightful things to share, just joy at the accomplishments of my smart and kind daughters. They worked hard, learned a tremendous amount. They have plans, dreams. Just like the other graduates I'm assuming. 

Vera and proud dad
Next week it is back to the usual, for my love and me, although things are going to be different. A new phase in life for the four of us, one that Thijs started last year.

processing the good byes
Maybe I'll keep you updated, maybe I won't. There will be new places and new paths to explore. Exciting and scary. Here we go.


  1. Mooi. Kun je trots op zijn. Mooie mijlpaal voor jullie als ouders.

  2. Gefeliciteerd!!!! En wat een leuke en gezellige foto's weer! :-)