Sunday, October 30, 2016

dragons and unicorns

Already it seems long ago and therefore even more of a dream- our week in Roma, Italia. My love was already in the eternal city for work and I followed to meet up in front of a large round-top wooden door of a 16th century palazzo, now divided into many apartments.

balcony and inner court yard
We enjoyed breakfast and aperitif on the balcony and in between walked the ancient streets, took in all the art and more than we could process, and marveled.

view from Castello San Angelo
The dragons (and some unicorns) are of course symbolic although by now I've seen so many depicted that I am starting to believe that there may have been such creatures roaming (and reading LOTR and HP).

Dragon fountain Villa D'Este, Tivoli
Our apartment was small, a bit too bare, but essentially all we needed (and climbing up the old stone stairs, passing through several heavy wood-with-iron-locks castle doors to arrive added a lot to the charm). It made me rethink -only for a little while- whether I would want to jump on the tiny-house band wagon.

along the Tiber
A bandwagon that I could join is that of the beautiful, delicious, deceptively simple food.  Buffalo mozzarella bought at the supermarket and so tasty that all you need to pair it with is an equally tasty tomato. Grilled artichoke hearts, not otherwise enhanced...'home made' fresh linguine with just a hint of Gorgonzola and pepper... paper-thin pizza crust lightly topped...

church on the Piazza Navonne

Pizza and pasta and house wine every evening, and still not gaining an ounce. That is the miracle of the Mediterranean diet (you do have to walk all day, everywhere, and climb all those stairs to make this happen).

frescoes everywhere
quilt pattern mosaics everywhere

And I got to experience all that with my love.  Now, if only I could figure out how to download the pictures from my phone onto my computer (darn windows 10), I could show you some more dragons and perhaps the one unicorn!

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