Wednesday, August 26, 2015

happy birthday

to my true love. He turned 50 yrs today-

and now we are both standing on that 'hill', looking forward to tackling the coming ups and downs together, as we've done for (so many) years.

We've been talking about bucket lists. We've looked back on highlights of the years since we've met (sure, and not all was rose-colored!). The indisputable very best ' things we've done so far' are our awesome threesome.

The other night was the first in a long time (how long?) that we had dinner all together at our dining room table. The 'kids' took their 'usual' spots. We did too. It was almost like old times except that during old times (say, elementary, middle school and junior high) the three of them did not get along well at all. And now there is a real friendship, respect, and love.

Today, on my love's birthday, we brought Vera and Emma to the airport in the big city, from where they left together to study in the City of Light for (only) one semester. We had to kind of hurriedly say goodbyes because we had enjoyed a lovely lunch together (and there was road construction almost all the way), which may have been good anyway because in spite of best intentions and telling myself I should be completely used to this by now, I did shed a few tears. And the house felt oddly quiet (get a grip, this has been the case for the past two years!). How fortunate we are though, that they can follow this dream of studying and living in France, that Thijs can follow his heart and his interests, that they are growing more independent and adult, that we can have 'just the usual' worries about young adults navigating the world.

And none of these riches would have happened in my life if I had not met my love, if I had not gone against my rebellious thoughts when my mom mentioned that he was 'such a nice boy'. Long ago, someone asked me if I didn't find it unsettling that I had met him so early in life  (in high school), and what about other men who I may have fallen in love with out there? I answered that it really did not matter how many awesome men were out there if I was in love with this ONE. At that moment. Duh.

So, happy birthday love. Let's make the rest of it a blast as well.

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