Monday, September 7, 2015

Only fun things what I promised my mom I would do today. Sorry mom, it didn't quite work out that way, although I guess as always, it is a matter of perspective. Or perception?

Luxury problems really- Gus got me up early just like the past three days (although Saturday I went for an early start myself, considering the oil change and long list of errands) so I thought I'd mow the lawn and get it over with.

I did finish a book! First since our trip in June. I liked this one, "the daughter" by Jane Shemilt. Probably easier to relate to if you are a working mom with teenagers (or past that age) but still, the general theme of  'do we ever really know an other person/ ourselves' and how people tend to keep their established perceptions of other people even if they change, does its job of provoking thoughts. What shapes your perceptions, and how do perceptions then shape your interpretations-

The floors were really begging to  be cleaned mom, so I am still working on that, in between sorting and tidying and laundry tasks. And bread baking and such.

The fun part comes when I get to iron the cotton I washed for Emma's quilt, and when I start cutting and sewing. And, when my love arrives home from his travels. He was in Oxford, England for a few days and then in Paris, France where he spend some time hanging and exploring the city of light with our girls! I can't wait to hear all the stories.

While I was mowing this morning, I enjoyed this view of our 'natural' area on the one side, and did not enjoy the view of our neighbors's yards on the other. I am sure they are very disappointed in our yard keeping skills, because one of the first things they told us after we moved in was that they were hoping we would do a better job than our predecessors).

On the fun side, I also cuddled with various cats. They seem almost confused by the fact that I am home (although not kids, one can still feel guilty if the cats don't get a lot of attention). So all in all, I think, a balanced day. Okay mom? Love from your daughter.

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