Monday, November 10, 2014

One of those days...

that nothing, or at least very little, goes as planned. It started off that way- I did get up as planned and went through the usual routine, then right before we were about to get in the car, I decided for some reason to check my printed work schedule of my supplemental job. And it said that I wasn't working.

Of course if I had checked this schedule last Friday, I would not have decided to leave  my stuff strewn all over the desk of the person I was supplementing for, and I certainly would not have been all dressed up and ready to go at the point of departure this morning.

I sat back down and had my coffee at my leisure. Gus came and cuddled with me, but we were interrupted because of my love's flat tire. We knew about it, and so he took my car, but now I was supposed to drive to the shop to have the nail taken out and the tire fixed. My family knows I really dislike driving this particular car for my own reasons, so this was a high anxiety trip.

That went well enough, and afterwards I puttered around the house for a bit, pre-cleaning the kids' rooms for the holiday at the end of the month. I tried working on the quilt, since my deadline for it was actually last year's thanksgiving, but just as Homer was settling in the middle of it, my love called to see if I could help Emma with yet another requirement from the motherland concerning official business. Which of course, I was happy to chat with my girl for a while.

I did manage to finish my own Christmas present, a pair of woolen socks! Believe me, I will wrap them and forget all about them until I unwrap them on Christmas morning. It happens every year that I surprise myself thus.

I thought I might take a good walk, enjoy the weather before the polar vortex descends, however the cats were ahead of me and wanted to get some fresh air themselves- and will follow me if I attempt to execute that particular plan. No matter, I have plenty to do inside still. I wish I had known I had the day off beforehand so  could have planned it better (ahem), but this is a nice surprise nonetheless.

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  1. I think that is so sweet that you make socks for yourself and wrap them! Snow started here this morning, but nothing far!