Sunday, November 16, 2014


An idea by Kreativberg. (meaning: Sunday's Joys) Just enjoying the weekend. Or whatever time. A mixture of chores and relaxing  and enjoying.

I mean, what's a cat to do? Or a human, for that matter. Winter did come. A little early. But here it is. So we are just enjoying. Our warm home, time to hang with each other, the cats. And as a bonus, our beautiful first born girl, Vera. With friend. But only for one short day.

Got up close and personal with the tattoo. Discussed matters over dinner. Looking forward to having everyone of them here in about two weeks, so we can discuss some more. And of course, other matters. That's just what we like to do, talk and discuss- also Sonntagsfreude.

Work again tomorrow. Another blessing (in disguise). Life is good - to us. For now.

The first 'real' snow.  Cats wanting to cuddle. Good food, good company. Weekend.

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