Monday, October 13, 2014

work from home

I'm very excited that it is finally cooling down enough to start knitting projects again. So excited in fact, that I have four different things going now.

Thijs was home for his one-day fall break and he needed some velcro so I offered immediately to get it at a certain store which happens to be full of yarn and fabric that's how that happened.

And today (Monday) I am further working from home. Someone will be coming to have a look at the crawl space to see if we can insulate it (I just don't want to think about this too much, have you ever crawled into a crawl space? What a job!).


I met with the no-cost-to-me provided dietitian at my doc's office the other day. She must have thought it went well and I did thank her for her services, but I am not happy with the plan. First sign that it can't be good is that diet soda is recommended. Hummus is not recommended. It clearly is not my kind of plan. She did say that it is really hard for vegetarians, since it is all about the protein. But I can't eat beans either, or nuts, according to the plan. So naturally, I had a bean burger with fries the next day, because I am a tad childish that way.

Today is not 'paid time off' and I am grateful that I can afford to have this day (and escort the crawl space people to their job). A bit more time to sit and think, to clean house, to do some computer stuff, is good for me on occasion.

Made granola, even though the dietitian seems to think it is really bad for me
My love renamed Mila to MIA, we saw her once in the past three weeks. She seems fine. But not happy to be here when she is. Home appears to be somewhere else for her now, and that breaks our hearts a little bit. I still call for her every morning, every night, but I don't expect her to show up anymore. Her food bowl sits empty, I don't fill it in anticipation anymore. Maybe it is time to take the 'if you love someone, set them free' advice. Sad.

Funny, this is not the blog I wanted to write at all. I wanted to rant and rave about something completely different. Maybe next time. ;-)  I'm going to try and stay a bit more on track with the home-work.

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  1. Sorry about Mia. I think cats have an awful lot to teach us about ourselves.