Saturday, September 27, 2014

screwed on right

My head wasn't, screwed on right I mean. It got quite out of whack with recent events at work, which I am not going to tell you about- I just was at a loss as how to behave or respond or think or feel. It was sad. I think I am slowly coming to terms with things and finding a balance.

cobwebs decorating the door for the season, cobwebs in my head/heart
Both Thijs and Vera joined me this glorious autumn weekend. As always, we did lots of hanging out and talking. I got some much needed rest (battling some sort of throat/ear bug) and late this morning, while trying to take a phone-picture of the fall garden, I was greeted by this:

The best sort of good-morning!

Yes, we are missing Emma. John tried valiantly to make up for it. Which was indeed nice but not the same. As I am typing this, I am enjoying the evening sounds of the woods through the open door.

(not the best picture ~ celebrating)
I think for now, that is most of what I wanted to say. Not much, but then, I'm still working on this balance thing.

ugh, I've got to get that ironing board out of the room! 

And I gave myself a present, to work on another balance:

So onward I go, wacky head and all,  figuring it out as we all are (I am assuming). Happy 'Indian summer'!

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