Sunday, September 21, 2014

Self care

While enjoying dinner (made from scratch by my love) last night around 20.30 hr (or 8.30 pm) after a Saturday afternoon at work, my love looked at me and asked " And who is your social worker? I think you need one".

Quite right, my love is. Although I think I am practicing 'self-care' as instructed at school. Every weekend we relax, do fun things, pet the cats, work on projects...(and chores).

with fall in the air, I started some new things and finished some old
Last week we enjoyed a Sunday afternoon with our first-born, walking and talking and exploring the food scene in his college town. I completely forgot to bring a camera - which I had reminded myself to do only a couple hundred times before we left- and thus I can't share any pictures, but it was really lovely.

On Friday night we attended a violin competition, enjoyed three finalists's virtuoso, and each other's company of course. (We must not know much about violin playing, because our favorite came in last...least favorite won...but we still had a great time).

Yesterday I went to work, just the afternoon (which ran a little over, oh well). One parent said to me "I really appreciate what you do", and another in the ER told me that I have "such a calm spirit". And it is true, I am different when I am working. I am glad that nobody can look in my head and see the chaos that is really going on!

Today is a glorious day, sunny and windy. The pizza dough is rising outside on a tree stump. Mila came home for a brief moment. Homer decided after almost four years to forgive us for saving his life by force-feeding him when we brought him home from the Humane Society, and now actually lays down on our laps. Last night I talked to my little brother who is at the other side of the world!

I do need to process some of the work, some of the choices that lay before me, some of the changes that are continuing at work, some of the lessons learned. My love is right, as is often the case. I had come to the same conclusion just this week. Which puts one more item on the to-do list!

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