Sunday, August 3, 2014


our weekend here was peaceful,

but...not so for other people, some who we know, most who we don't know.

We have been texting with our children who are all doing well, but... a friend from work lost her only child unexpectedly this past weekend.

We have been working a bit and reading a lot, but... in some area of the world people are so desperate for a better, more peaceful life for their children/themselves, that they are subjecting them(selves) to incredibly uncertain and hazardous journeys with small hopes of a better life.

Our children are healthy so far, but... a neighbor told me that her little one has a rare medical condition and that the family's experience with the place where I work was 'the worst they have ever experienced in the medical field'.

We have plenty of love to spread around but... elsewhere in the world, even down the street maybe, there seems to be so much hatred and violence and despair.

People may say good things happen to good people but ... I know this not to be true at all because all people are created equal, and we are no better than the next person, and I am sometimes just waiting for the ax to fall, because, this seems completely random to me.

My gut reaction to all this and more is to stick my head in the sand, crawl back into my own peaceful world, but...I can't escape the news, I can't stop caring, and it is not about me anyway. So here, again, is my advice, for what it's worth- hug your family, spread the love. No buts.

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