Tuesday, September 2, 2014

luxury problems

We drove Emma and some furniture back to the big city before the beginning of the new academic year. It was my idea but then I feared to be overwhelmed with busy city and no rest in my head. And introvert that I am...

Lucy nestled herself into this
No need to worry though, it was actually lovely- we boldly went way outside the downtown comfort zone to the northern tip of Manhattan and visited the Cloisters. Medieval art, herb garden, overlooking the Hudson river...And the next day, The Brooklyn botanic gardens.

It did take a LOT of walking, even with all the underground traveling, but it was worth it. Exploring with a real 'local' (Emma) we enjoyed cute and hidden places such as The rabbit hole for lunch, and Alta (tapas bar, definitely a 'hidden gem') for dinner.

We took in some different culture at the Met(ropolitan).

haha- typical tourists, right? Central park.

art everywhere, this in the subway
We stayed in Emma's room/apartment. It is a very nice place. She showed us the store where they found some of their furniture- the four of them are having a hard time deciding how they want to decorate their living/kitchen area, and that is where the title of this post comes from. When I was a student... and for years afterwards...I was happy to even have furniture. 

The quarreling about matching things irritated me- what is it all about anyway? Of course it also made me reflect about my own mile long wish list for different furniture and other luxury items.

Back  home, we found that we have the 'native garden' we saw in Brooklyn botanical gardens right in our own backyard too. Although the young adults have all started their semesters, we have some more traveling/driving still in the planning. Because no matter where they are, we enjoy hanging out with them. (No matter how their apartments are furnished ;-)

I hope Thijs will have that attitude towards his quilt- the fact that I made it (slowly, slowly) will outweigh the multiple imperfections. Homer definitely doesn't care about uneven lines or a little mess up, as you can see.

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