Sunday, July 6, 2014

lazy days in (mid) July....

Not quite mid July yet. No matter. I've been away for a while and my sense of time is skewed as it is. Summer is summer!

I was fortunate to be able to attend a national conference pertaining to the population I work with. Incredibly inspiring.  I pledge to make an attempt to apply all that I learned. My head and my heart are still full and this will take some processing.

I was gone for a week, and my love worked up a sweat to prepare a surprise for me upon return: one of the shrubberies that was blocking my view of the yard (in my opinion, not his!) is now in pieces in the trashcan and instead we have flowers!

The fourth of July was celebrated and brought to me my 'oldest' daughter ;-) Vera. She is going to stay for a week! My brother asked me today if I suffer from 'empty nest syndrome'. No, not really- I am enjoying both having my children home as well as seeing how they are growing up and conquering the adult world. I did hear remarks such as 'being a grown up sucks' and 'weekends are so very short'. All true!

Yesterday I went on a weeding spree in the yard, but today I was really lazy. After all, tomorrow I am going back to work 'for reals'. My love is making dinner. We are contemplating turning on the airco ~ the humidity is rising. We are enjoying some white wine. It's July.

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