Monday, March 31, 2014

scraps of this and that

My smart phone promised a warm-up but I guess you have to read the fine print even with  a weather app. I'm in shorts and t-shirt but I am NOT going outside dressed like this. Also not because my neighbor's yard is swarming with tree guys.

to be fair, this was yesterday morning

The promised weather, the anticipation of working a lot during the upcoming month, and seeing the tree guys swing without fear from tree trunk to tree trunk, has inspired some spring cleaning with the aide of a ladder. And let me tell you, that is definitely an eye opener. Up close and personal with the top of the book case and the ceiling, I had a grant view of hidden cobwebs and dust hills.

The felines have switched their routine to night outings and daytime naps. Except for Homer of course (the of course is for the humans familiar with his interesting habits). And nature is having spring, fitting temperatures or not.

obligatory spring pic
Unfortunately our yard will soon have far less tree trunks- just like at the neighbors. The trees are dead, very tall, and close to the house. My love shook on a deal last week, and soon we will have a lot of wood chips, and even more wood for the hearth. I wish to replace them all with pine trees, create my flat mountain yard...but that's not in the budget.

My smart phone also allowed me to speak face-to-face with my brother, sister-in-law, and my almost-4 year-old niece in their new home in 'far far away' and 12 hours ahead of us time-wise. They had some fun stories to share about getting adjusted to a new environment, climate, and culture.

At times, one or more of my awesome threesome keep me informed of their health/well-being/progress per phone which is not the same as calling anymore, oh no, it is text or the latest: snapchat. So those are things that go on the positive balance of my love/dislike relationship with modern technology.

beautiful tree ring study yard-art by Joanie Drizin
I will be too busy during the upcoming months to post a lot of scraps, but I'll try and report at least on the most exciting upcoming event, full house on Easter weekend.

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