Friday, March 7, 2014

reporting live from the trenches of change

Change. It is constant, inherent to life. As in, the weather is maybe, finally, changing. Which I actually look forward to this time around, if only because it would make the cats happier (and get them out of my hair or at least away from whatever I am working on). Plus I think I have taken enough cute winter pictures for this blog.

Then there is THE change. I believe my body has started with that unnecessary nonsense. No mood swings yet, but definite temperature swings- more accurately: temperature eruptions. During the night this keeps me busy kicking the comforter off and tucking it back in, during the day I am just enduring it as best I can. Although uncomfortable and embarrassing, so far the flashes are actually mild enough not to drench me completely, just a little (I can just hear the kids moaning "eeww mom, gross!" Quite right).

Ongoing of course is the change of having three empty bedrooms and cooking for two. On any given day, we are happy together, my love and I, and we are proud of our young adults conquering the balance of work, school, and life. Then last Saturday night, just as we were settling in for the evening after a yummie meal, Kevin called and started the conversation with "she is gonna be okay". Which was unsettling. He was with Vera in the ER. She slipped on the ice and had a hole in her right-hand palm. My immediate reaction was to get in the car and hightail it over there. Which I didn't - it is a several hours drive and she was not in mortal danger, but still. My baby was hurt, and I was not there to comfort her. That's hard on this mother.

My love and I are working on small life-style changes too. I am trying to refrain from baking sweet stuff, and we are buying healthy foods (for the most part- we're very much human). Eating a bit less and all that good jazz. And now that I can manage my hip/back, we are exercising more. Which is slowly paying off.  'All' I have to do is not change that and stick with it.

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  1. Oh wow, dat zal even schrikken zijn geweest! Gelukig hebben wij nog niet zo'n situatie gehad.
    Goede changes zie ik daar bij jou gebeuren. (minder zoet, meer beweging) Volgens mij zijn bij mij de mood swings begonnen en het is een hele struggle om ze onder controle te houden... Sterkte met jouw flashes!!!