Friday, January 17, 2014

Mila my Mila

...or is she?

We've had quite the adventures with Mila over the winter break. Although the whole story started way earlier. She sort of gradually moved out. She was always a free spirited cat, loving the hunting outdoors at night- or so we thought.

After the kids moved out at the end of the summer, we saw less and less of her. Only sporadically would she grace us with her presence. Then over winter break came the icy cold and snow and she did not come home at all. We made flyers and attached those to lamp-posts and trees in the neighborhood that backs up to ours, because my gut told me that she must be overwintering with one of those families somewhere.

Days afterwards I got a call. Flabbergasted, I listened to a lady describe my Mila as her Lulu. A Lulu who apparently had made friends with a big dog, and was utterly charming and affectionate (something she has not been for a long time with us). Lulu apparently was my Mila of long ago.

We met with these very nice and friendly people, who said that she had gradually adopted them since April, and had completely moved in around Thanksgiving. They thought she was a stray.We picked her up, brought her to our home. She was the stranger in the pride, and she did not make herself popular with the other cats, or us, for that matter. She went straight back to her new family.

I am torn. Obviously, she was her happier self at her new home.

We picked her up again and kept her in for over a week- something I felt bad about because that's really against how we've always done things with the cats. She settled somewhat into the group, does not growl at the others so much anymore, does not hide in the basement all the time. Asked Vera for loads of attention. But this morning, when I made gentle contact and tried to pet her, she bit me. None of that, was the clear message. So I am still torn. She goes out, comes back, probably because she severely dislikes snow and cold. She plays more, leaves her presents everywhere. But still- she is not Mila my Mila like she used to be. And like with my human children, as a cat-mom I just want her to be happy.

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