Monday, January 6, 2014

last year

It has been some weeks since I have made time to post happenings and experiences. Which, of course, we did have. I can honestly say that it was marvelous- the whole holiday season. Because apart from some cheer 'coming from a store', we just enjoyed the company of family and friends- the best kind of cheer.

It was relaxing and fun. Just hanging out. Celebrating.

Keeping warm and cozy. Therefore, some knitting was accomplished (by me), some wood chopping was accomplished by my love.

Not much picture taking was done. Some impressions of the end-of-the year yard, as part of the reflection that comes with that particular time.

And now everyone is trying - some more successful/faster then others, due to arctic conditions and other barriers- to get home. We are grateful that we did not loose power (yet), so many others did. Now I am looking forward to future get-togethers-and-celebrations to be just as joyous. Another milestone in our 'empty nest status' taken.


  1. Love that bottom photo! Cool beans!

  2. thanks Julie! :-)
    Just trying some stuff.
    Hope you are doing well. You sure are working hard!