Sunday, December 15, 2013


and the art of motorcycle maintenance (by Robert M. Pirsig). That's the book that I was thinking about  (or rather, the message of the book) yesterday while I was waxing my new table.

Maybe some of you who read this blog are old (sorry, mature, or eh...more my age?) enough to remember the book or to have read it. I liked the table in its more pale and natural state however to care for it properly it needed the wax. And I found good sounding stuff with beeswax, olive oil, lavender, and orange, made in Colorado- that did it for me, in CO they should know what to do with their pine.

And then I thought of a visit to a hair salon, long ago in Hannover, Germany. It was either right before or sometime after I had my girls (that detail I can't remember), and I was in desperate  need of some TLC for myself. The girl who cut my hair confessed that she would rather do only nails, and I said  'but you are doing this so nicely!' (she was unbelievably gentle and never once made a comment about my having 'baby-hair'). She answered "Wenn, dann mit Liebe" (if, then with love).

(yes, I have rather wandering thoughts). So that's what I would like to keep in mind when I go about all the big and little chores and care taking that needs to be done.

my love's espresso cup, made by Emma, on the not-yet-waxed table
Because I make myself crazy sometimes with my list of things to do. And I lose sight of the truly essential. Beat myself up for not accomplishing all my own impossible expectations.

Thus my love and I also spend some time watching movies together this weekend. He persisted in making the holiday lights work, and he put up the trees (we have two- this is too long of story of how that came to pass). And I checked off some items on the list- indoor activities- because it is quite nasty outside (humid and cold).

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