Friday, December 13, 2013

is there something like...

rehab for workaholics? Not that I really need it- but it was a wee bit difficult to stay away from the hospital today. I did sneak in on Monday so that today was actually the first workday I was not 'taking care of stuff'. At least not at work.

Thijs says she looks like a chicken! Really? This is my Lucy-Lu/ Lucy-poes.
However, plenty to do at home- and although I am somewhat more organized at work (my office mate may disagree), when I'm off, I really run around doing a bit of this, a bit of that...not finishing much, but starting many projects.

our sweet Charlie, my luck-dragon (he reminds me of Falcor from the never-ending story)

I also ventured out and threw myself into some shopping. Not really a favorite but some things you just can't order online. (Don't you love ordering online? It is easy, and double the fun because you get packages twice, once they arrive on the doorstep, and then again on Christmas morning!)

Cat (Homer) on new chair with new table

The weather is not encouraging the cats to play outside, so there is a bit of cabin fever going on. Mainly manifesting itself in bursts of foolish behavior and then plopping on my lap as soon as I sit with some knitting with total disregard for my deadline.

the tree is ready for decorating and some presents
And so my list of things to do is growing rather than shrinking. Oh well.


  1. Wat een mooie nieuwe tafel!!! En je kerstboom is ook prachtig! Happy days! :-)

  2. Sweet kitties, and you are right about Charlie and Falcor!

  3. thank you both! I love the table and the kitties! Happy days indeed!