Saturday, July 7, 2012


Gooooodmorning everyone! It was to be foreseen that I would not have much time or energy to update y'all on my daily experiences and musings once I started my job training...and thus it went. The camera (a 'hand-me-down' from V, but a very very nice Nikon D60) lay forlorn around the house. The garden path had to do without my admiration this past week. The cats were at the mercy of my teens, and the laundry...well, you can imagine. It is an adjustment process for all of us!

doesn't this look so refreshing? 
But of course, in a few months time, we will have that routine down-pad! Right?
Also in a few months time, it should be autumn, but because of the record temperatures and the drought, fall seems to be right now, at least in our backyard.

When the cats come in from their roamings, they flop down on the cool kitchen tile and don't move for a while. And then they go out again. Things are more exciting out there. My little Lucy is now unofficially the largest cat in the house (she is technically still a kitten).

Lucy and Mila- telling tails
Well, my coffee cup is empty, so I am going to have to attempt some conquering of the chaos. Greetings!

home-grown hot peppers, and mini garlic (the result of a planting mistake by yours truly)

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  1. Mooie foto's Margje, je doet het geweldig!!! (en dan bedoel ik natuurlijk ook de rest van je leven!) :-)