Sunday, July 8, 2012


Sunday dinner is sort of an institution/ritual at our house. We used to have other rituals and habits over the years, which faded into history while we adjusted to the changing times. There was Friday night TV-dinner featuring a home-made towel blanket and home-made pizza.

There was Sunday-morning breakfast (pancakes or waffles and fruit) and there were times when weekday dinners were pretty much set menus. And for Christmas, we have always had sauerkraut, ever since R and I moved in together. 

Tonight, Sunday dinner was a little different, and even more fun than usual. T and his girlfriend L cooked dinner, and E and her boyfriend Z made dessert! V rolled in from an inspiring weekend among photography friends just in time to join us for dessert and shortly after K arrived. By then, I was enjoying this so much (and having everyone here!) that I instructed V & K to be next in this cooking extravaganza. A new tradition is born ?

Above you see one of the quilts I made for T. This one is called 'storm at sea'. T likes it, but it is a heavy quilt and thus not that practical, because when it gets cold, he uses a comforter. So I set out to design a thinner quilt. I gathered some solids and some patterns.

Then, I gave them to T and L for review. They made yah/nay piles. Now I can cut some trial blocks!

When, that remains to be determined. It usually takes me far longer to make a quilt than I wish in my optimism. And I do have a full-time job now. Will keep you updated on the progress!


  1. wat een fijne dag moet dit zijn geweest. maak er maar een traditie van, zo vaak als dit lukt.
    De nieuwe quilt gaat vast ook weer erg mooi worden. ook ik geniet van het reilen en zeilen in je gezin!

  2. Gorgeous! And how did you divvy up the Sunday cooking schedule? Wish it would work here because it sounds wonderful! And what do you serve with the sauerkraut at Christmas?

  3. Thanks mom! And Julie, I did not divvy up anything, this was a spontaneous offer from T and his girl, and E offered to make the dessert, also spontaneously! The sauerkraut I serve with very little... I fry up some chopped onion really spicy with curry powder, ginger, moutarde, and I cut up some cheese. I boil potatoes, mash 'm (bit of butter, bit of milk) with the kraut and onions, cheese unterruhren, und fertig. Yum.