Friday, June 29, 2012

as good as it gets ?

My last day before I start my job- I should finish some things up, get ready. Get set.
For starters, I fiddled with the settings of the blog. Real essential stuff...ahem. Lucky for me, Marjan from CowRoad  ( rescued me once again and what you see now are the results from our collaboration, more her work than mine. She has such an eye for the artistic details! She also magicked me a new header which you will be able to admire later on, I just couldn't wait to show off.

Also, I started another craft, after finishing two small crocheted round baskets, I am now knitting some cloth to fill those up for my pregnant friend. With a baby, you can never have enough of those things cluttering up your every room, right?

Of course, there is my lazy knitting still around (was it Homer or Mila who managed to capture the ball of yarn and donate it all the way to Ginny's food bowl I wonder?) and my two-at-a-time-toe-up socks which I should have taken the time to finish by now. But mentioning these projects serves as a distraction for what I did finish and am having a hard time letting go of- the thousand pyramids quilt I made for the daughter of a dear friend. Have you ever had that feeling, for instance when you are about to finish a good book but you don't really want to finish it ?

A long time ago, a friend explained to me that the function of the thousand pyramid quilt was to keep an ill child entertained: there were to be triangles of all different fabrics with only one repeat, which the child had to discover. That is not how I made it, however I did use a range of different fabric that I have used over the years to make quilts. I think there is a lot to explore in this quilt for little O- there are fabrics that I have used in quilts for her mother as well as two previous ones for herself.

I have poured all my love for her (and her mom) into this quilt to send it overseas. This is my wish-I-were-with-you quilt for them. Even now I see spots that might need some more quilting, like V struggles declaring some of her pieces of art finished, perhaps like my friend Julie ( has to decide that a draft is as good as it gets.

But hey, now I can start one of my other thousands of ideas! T is in desperate need of a quilt to take to college (I imagine). Something more masculine and adult-like than the two he has now. And that's for starters!


  1. Wow Margje, doe je al dat topstitching op die quilt zelf??? Toch niet met de hand zeker? Prachtig!
    En oh ja, je hebt nog die wordverfication aan staan voor ons als kommentaar gevers. Wil je die er op laten of zal ik hem er af halen? (zeer irritant om die dingen te lezen)

  2. Yes, nou zit die word-verification er niet meer op... :-)