Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The day began nice enough- strolling with my coffee through the yard, getting my vitamin D while enjoying the birds singing, feeling the slight breeze.

I guess I should have know that it was going a little downhill from there when I couldn't understand the nurse who was giving me my tetanus shot. I was wearing my hearing aid, but I had forgotten to turn it on...
With my arm slightly sore but otherwise fine I decided to do a little shopping. The buttermilk turned out to be leaking on the new rug for the kids' bathroom, but hey, I've got a washing machine so no big deal. (the rug has just turned a whole load blue, thankfully just a whole load of towels).

 R loves rhubarb crumble and I found nice rhubarb at the store, which soon was cooking on the stove...I didn't bother to look up a recipe because I bought an unspecified amount of rhubarb and I usually cook with ' a little bit of this, and a little bit of that...'- turns out, it was a little bit too much water.
We were in need of bread and I bake one every week so I know that recipe by heart. I think. I have no idea why the bread turned out on the bricky-side today. I guess this way it will fit better in the sandwich container.

Did I learn to be more careful when squinting at the recipe for 'perfect lemon torte' (Luscious lemon desserts, Lori Longbotham)? Eh, no. Of course not. Too lazy to get my reading glasses and read carefully, in addition to being too eager to finally use my pan with removable bottom, I mixed all the sugar and lemon zest into the crust. I guess this time we will forgo the 'generous amount of powdered sugar' that the recipe instructs me to sift over the top before serving.

yes yes, I can see that my version is just a bit less perfect
 I already made the crust dough for the goat's cheese torte. Still not quite getting the idea that I might be experiencing 'one of those days', I took several liberties with the recipe for the cheese crust (The enchanted broccoli forest, Molly Katzen). I ignored the 'up to 1/4 cup' whole wheat in favor of at least 1/2 cup, and got sudden inspiration when I spotted some dried sage to crush that into the dough as well. Finding more than half of the sage on the floor might have been my final clue. Do I dare to proceed with the filling and the baking? I cut up a whole watermelon for granita (with lime juice and fresh mint from the yard- Ellie Krieger) but I am waiting until another day to try that out!

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