Sunday, June 24, 2012


harvest from the yard: basil, cherry tomatoes and a hot red pepper- thanks to R
I kind of like things natural. But I guess it all depends what that may mean- your definition, and certainly mine...For instance, I don't like to use artificial stuff, not in my food (that's one of the reasons I make some stuff myself, so I know what is in it), and also not on me. I do not like to use 'products' in my hair. I do not own any kind of make-up. I have never in my life had a manicure/pedicure. At this point in the post, you are probably thinking I should have titled it weird instead.

the natural stone of the path with naturally growing moss which I love

 In the yard, I like things to grow or not to grow, but I am not even a big fan of landscaping. I do some weeding though, now that we do have landscaping, because there is something to be said for letting the things that we want in there indeed grow, in favor of some intruders. I dislike lawns, they don't make sense to me. But I am not following through on everything with this life style, for instance, I do like air conditioning. This morning I voiced my doubts about this frivolous preference to R, who laughed and said that one could question a lot of modern habits and before you know it, we could be living like Neanderthals. How is that for support?


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