Thursday, June 21, 2012


Marjan from CowRoad explained to me that I needed to resize my picture files,  the attempt is what you see here- clearly needing some more instructions and work! But the sun, the rocky background, and the flowers make a -in my eyes- summery picture
Of course the question during one of the job interviews was whether I am good at multi-tasking. Hmm. I never really know what exactly is meant by that, but if it means doing all kinds of tasks without finishing one  first, then yes, absolutely. Although I do believe I did some real multi-tasking yesterday afternoon, when I was working on two types of bread and several different procedures involved in making strawberry ice cream.. At the same time I did have conversations with my kids, either by text or in person, unpacked the dishwasher and loaded it back up, etc etc. I took care of the cats, boiled the potatoes for the salad and made olive tapenade. 

The results of these efforts were more or less successful, and I was contemplating the fact that this resembles work as a social worker in the hospital as well. The dough was rising outside, because that is a nice warm place. However, when I put it out, I placed it in the shade, and when I went to check on it, it stood half-baked in the (90 + F/ 30+c) sun. That is not warm, that is hot. 
Also typical at the end of a day in the hospital / kitchen : I was left with considerable mess to clean up. And with a delicious dinner!
Another question was inevitable : what do you do for self-care? I wondered what kind of answer would suffice to that question, because self-care is so very personal. So I spoke of hobbies (time behind the sewing machine) and attitude (I try not to take anything personal). I mentioned having four cats - this is tricky because it might make me look like the crazy cat lady that I in fact am- and how research has shown that having cats is supposedly good for your blood pressure. 

I did not, of course, mention my late night worries when the cats do not respond to my calling them in, or the early morning yarn-bombing -courtesy of Homer- that I have to unravel in order to navigate the living room.

progress on my lazy knitting

those were my scraps for the day- enjoy yours!

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