Monday, June 11, 2012


The house feels so empty and quiet. I shortened the table to it's original size, I put away the dishes from the delicious crepe- breakfast that E made and was enjoyed by all of us minus R (alas, his duty called earlier in the morning). I haven't swept the floors where the reminders of the presence of a little girl are still abundant: various crumbs and play dough - nor have I attempted to tackle the rest of the household chores that were left untended because of the family festivities such as T's graduation and enjoying the family. We hugged, we waved them off, and I looked for solace in my tumblr account where I find beauty and inspiration but this time no real cure for the sadness I feel because of the goodbyes.

So many memories were made, and I fell in love with little L. Next time I see them all, she will have grown so much and not remember me. That is the most difficult part, we see each other so sporadically. Of course, there is the modern communication which makes it a lot easier already to keep in touch, but it doesn't even come close to the real thing.

I am very happy that T's graduation was attended by not only us but his oma and uncle. This is an important time and transition in T's life (and yes yes, in mine as well!!). So when they asked to keep the applause until after every one of the roughly 650 students had 'walked', we obliged but we did whistle and yell out, because come on, that is MY SON graduating and I do want to make some noise about that!  I took some pictures but wouldn't you know it, the camera ran out of battery shortly after the ceremony.

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