Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The table still looks so small without the extensions, the house still a bit quiet without the excited calls "poesje, poesje" (kitty, kitty) or " jah? jah?" from little L. Her motor lies abandoned in the garage. I have found small left behind tokens: an orange hair clip, a white sun hat. The blow-up bath has been drained. But we are moving on to other excitement and joys of summer.

It appears that, most likely (I can hardly believe it), exactly one year after graduating, I have a job. It even feels weird to write that- I thought this would not happen anymore, and so it seems too good to be true. But this morning I got two calls from people in-the-know who said that it was official. The tentative starting date is July 1st. So many learning opportunities await!

these are not my favorites, but they are growing on me because of their gorgeous heart
Suddenly, I feel the need to work on all kinds of projects. I also am in a hurry to start getting a bit more fit. It is a gorgeous day here and a walk is in the planning!

the beginning of the bottom of a basket for some baby stuff for a pregnant friend
 And especially for you, Julie Rowan-Zoch, some more path-pictures. More will follow asap.


  1. Love all the beautiful things you are sharing!
    Drops of cream from your soul