Monday, June 4, 2012


I am not going to be posting much this week, because I am just a little busy enjoying my family who came all the way over from the Netherlands to spend some quality time with us!!! My mother, my youngest brother and his wife, and my little niece are staying with us. It is a nice chaos, although the cats are not enjoying it that much.  Little L is very enthusiastic when she sees them, says sweetly "hajo", and then squeals with delight, at which point the cats make a run for it. Homer is unexpectedly the most interested in becoming friends with L, and he even lets her pet him (which she does incredibly gently for an almost 2-year old).

Aside from each other's company, we are also enjoying very nice weather- in the 70's (in de 20c), no rain to speak of, and mostly sunny, and the big one: no major humidity. The whole family will attend T's high school graduation ceremony this coming Friday, a very big deal! So it is shaping up to be a GREAT week!

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