Wednesday, May 30, 2012

School's out for summer!

Well, after today that is- The very last finals, the very last minutes in those too small school benches for my grown up boy/man T ! Although I am home today, I won't have time to reflect on this for too long because my family is coming in two days and as usual the house is a bit out of shape.

While I am draining the last drops of my delicious cup of coffee, I am presenting you with my personal solution to the complaints about a certain presidential candidate. I thought this up while helping out in the social work office of the children's hospital where I volunteer. It is said that the candidate seems out of touch with the populace- I think that is easily remedied by a few days of social work boot camp!! After only a few days (quite possibly just a day will suffice) said candidate will have a nice and concise overview of what the populace is dealing with on a day-to-day basis, and as an added bonus, it will most likely change his mind about the health care overhaul. I haven't cleared this excellent plan with the authorities yet, but I can't see how they might object...

To soothe my soul after a draining day at the hospital (yes, there is immeasurable satisfaction when I am able to help, but also frustration when I am not) there is not much better than coming home to my family, husband, kids, cats, and since we have had the front yard 'done' last year, that includes a stroll around the path. The path is my favorite part, and we have honestly had people ring our doorbell just to tell us how much they liked it too!

picture courtesy of R.

For now, I will leave you with a picture of what I call my lazy-knitting, it is just a very easy straight forward cotton blanket.

Those were my scraps for the day- enjoy yours!

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  1. More path pictures please! So jealous of all that green too!