Sunday, May 22, 2016

lightning fast,

time is going.

So many things happened since last time I posted. My mom came to witness her oldest grandchild Thijs graduate from college (a bachelors and a masters in 4 years, 1 major, one minor, with distinction, I will just brag a little); almost everyone came together to celebrate in the big city (just our youngest, Emma, was terribly missed) and then life went on...with more adventures.

Minor events included major bloodletting for the wallet with a new airco/heatpump system, satisfaction guaranteed however we are not satisfied so that needs some work... Major loss at work of our research person (what's a research project without?), and it is that time of year of open doors and windows on occasion, and cool enough nights that we have had fires in the hearth as well, making me happy.

When my mom was here, it was her wish to see deer in our backyard. Here you go mom, the past two days we have had regular visits:

Mostly, my love and I work long days and try to enjoy this and the hours off to celebrate life as much as we can. Because :

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