Sunday, April 3, 2016


My birthday is coming up- but this isn't about those wishes. I'm a lucky girl (I've said that before) and although it is nice to be surprised with gifts, that's not really what birthdays are about: the celebration of the gift of life to me.

I have wishes for everyone- why not. Wouldn't it be a better world  if we would forget about all the boxes we try to put ourselves and others in and make rules on how people should behave according to their box and instead, the individual approach would be: what do you need to grow to be the best you that you can be, and how can I help you to achieve that? 

We would not need any diagnoses and boxes and labels. Just ways to find out how we can help others grow and be happy. And a system that would be responsive to those 'needs'.

Right now, the system looks a bit like the picture above: it is near impossible to find a way and there are too many dead ends. People can only get what is available to their box (if they know how to jump the hoops), and if they happen to need something that the next box over is eligible for, they are simply sol.

what my love and Thijs are working on right now
So that is my wish. I am not sure if I explained it well. It might sound like somewhat of a Utopia. How sad though- if that sounds unattainable.

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