Monday, May 25, 2015

It's not you,

it's me- I have not had any time or, admittedly, wanted to, write a scraps. Nor did I take pictures to post. What have I been doing? Working hard on the whole 'balancing act'. And not doing too bad at it, but some things just gotta give a little. I can't and don't want to keep up with everything.

So. I will be posting on a very occasional basis. Every now and then. You get the drift.

All is well here, not to worry. All is more than well actually, it's great. In my life anyway.

I am not having any thoughts about the grass being greener elsewhere.

I am just enjoying the grass. And various other elements.

And it is summer break for the awesome threesome, meaning various things from moving, and planning, and exciting changes...for instance Thijs has temporarily moved for an internship in the big city and lives with Vera. Which prompted some reminiscing on how they could not stand each other in their younger years.

Other changes still to come, but may report on those closer to when they actually happen - in keeping with my promise to post when the occasion arises.

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