Sunday, April 19, 2015

Puste Blumen

Because we loved and enjoyed our first born so much, I wished for many more little ones (I remember exclaiming to my mother " I could love ten of these!"). Robert was not quite that enthusiastic, he thought two would be a very good number.

beginning of April 1995

Now I joke that I wanted a girl so much that I got two, or I say that my miscarriages wanted to come together (depending on my mood)- in any case, 15 months after our wonderful Thijs arrived, we welcomed first Vera and 11 minutes later Emma to our family on April 20, 1995.

Emma & Vera
Words will fail to describe the happiness - They were almost term, healthy, and sizable babies, who were kicked out of the warming unit that the hospital had at the ready (see above) to make way for a more deserving little one.

Emma & Vera
Over the years, they have been best friends, best enemies. Thijs had to play 'divide and conquer'. 

Emma & Vera
And 19 times we celebrated their birthday together. Tomorrow, they turn 20 years old, and it will be the first time they are not celebrating together, or celebrating with Thijs and us. I'd like to think that this is a natural result of our trying to raise strong, independent people. 


Words fail me now too. I am happy, I miss them so much, I am happy. You go girls!

spring break in St. Augustine, senior year of high school 

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  1. A happy biRthday to Emma, and a happy biRthday to Vera! Wonderful parents!