Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Works in progress

If this post was not written electronically, there would now be a small pile of crumpled note paper on the floor. There is a lot and at the same time not very much to share. My love finally put new strings (a Christmas gift) on his guitar and is now playing and singing while we are enjoying a nice fire.

single color brioche stitch
Since I caved and went with what the nurse practitioner called 'a sure thing' to battle the flashes, this is actually cozy and enjoyable (the fire). There are of course drawbacks to this because all through winter break, I have been enjoying the fires and the couch a bit too much and that is not conducive to my plan to keep the same size in pants.

Reflections have been prompted by recent world news, my new job (started this week), and the fact that my first born is 'turning' (21 years young) this Friday. He is of course quite excited, and I still can't figure out how my beautiful baby boy is now all of a sudden a beautiful man.

project for me!! 
I'm just happy and beyond grateful for the journey.

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