Tuesday, December 30, 2014

what's the use of worrying?

Now I know there is very little, if any, use in worrying. And I have learned to do it less and less. Sometimes though, in spite of knowing that worrying does not solve anything, can't prevent anything from happening, will not do me any good, etc etc...sometimes I do lay awake at night and I can't get my thoughts to shut up.

Sometimes I worry about my kids/young adults, but not so much lately, as they appear to be developing their skills in figuring things out just fine. Sometimes other random common things (finances, healthcare, the world going to hell in a handbasket).

my awesome threesome with their knitted gifts 
The last couple of nights I have been awake for extended periods worrying about the fact that I am changing jobs in January. My excitement about my new opportunity is a little (lot) dampened by several issues I can't openly share - suffice it to say no trivial matters.

My hopes for the new year are thus that these matters will be resolved and I can start without a worry-cloud /bad feeling hanging over me.

My love and I will have to toast the new year without these lovely people though, because they are celebrating in the big city  :-). All three together, with friends.  No worries there!

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  1. I hope the changes are good ones, even if that is not revealed straight away. Love the big fat scarves the kids have on!