Saturday, September 1, 2012


This picture of Mila about sums it up. It was a long week and my head feels kind of like ...cobwebby...stuffed with stories and experiences that I should somehow get rid of to enjoy the three day weekend.

There is plenty to enjoy- even if we are not doing anything exciting-sounding. Last night my love and I watched a movie. That was nice, because we both spend most of our evenings working lately.

Today is the day that V's bf K is being moved into his dorm in the big city, by a delegation of V, E, and J, featuring also the van that moved T several weeks ago. For this joyous and sad occasion, E made us all crepes with fresh strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream early this morning!

With ample time to enjoy my morning coffee, the fog in my head started clearing up already. Above is a picture I took at Niagara falls.

I got to do some lazy knitting (while watching the daily show and the colbert report) and even sat down at the sewing table to cut some fabric for the quilt. Tonight we are double-dating with T and his gf L because they could not join us for dinner last week. If this keeps up I will be as mellow as can be by Monday!


  1. That sounds just dandy! And what beautiful pictures once again! :)
    'And they call it mellow yellow!' ;-)

  2. haha Marjan!! (when I was visiting R in Canada in the -ghm- eighties, they had an add on tv for some kind of margarine/butter spread, and the jingle was "they call me mellow-yellow...butter it!" )