Saturday, August 25, 2012

saturday morning

Slept in just a little bit, we are having a chimney sweep over for the first time ever. We have 'only' been in this home for 11 years. We enjoy that fireplace with wood from our own yard. From what I can overhear, we might have some problems...

Yep, we did. Nothing too scary, although repairs will add up to over $1000. Sigh. They came with one of those 'real' chimney tools that you see in Mary Poppins- but no dancing on the roof was performed unfortunately.

Since I don't get much done during the week there are no new things to report, so I'll share some old stuff.

I made this quilt for my niece B. The five of us have never met her because she lives overseas. It makes me sad just to tell you that. However, we love her, she is a miracle, and a very happy lucky girl. One day we will meet!

A little hat that I knitted for her. Vibrant colors fit her personality I think. Well, instead of happy, writing this post made me a little sad, because I am missing out on two beautiful little girls (L & B) as an aunt.

That means it is time for some weekend-labor! Greetings from me.


  1. Dear Margje,
    I know the feeling of missing your family. But I'm sure B will cherish the quilt you made her; a lovely present, handmade, and coming from a country far far away sure makes it extra special!

  2. Tja, dat zijn moeilijke dingen. Ik zou mijn neefjes in NL (en mijn zusje vooral ook natuurlijk) ook graag wat vaker zien maar helaas. Maar, door zulke fijne dingen voor ze te maken (zoals jij, niet ik) voel je je vast dichter bij hun! :-)