Sunday, August 19, 2012


Something I am not really good at. I try, but things always end up different anyway, so I go with the flow. For instance, T's quilt. I have adjusted my original plan already.

Sometimes I plan stuff and then I just forget about it. Today I planned to bake bread, and I remembered it only tonight when my thoughts turned to the day ahead. Should have made a list.

Today was a good day- it is remarkable how well I feel when I don't have a stomach flu or a migraine. We had breakfast outside, looking up at a beautiful blue sky, listening to the birds and crickets and cicadas and the squirrels making a ruckus whenever they spotted a cat. The hummingbirds had discovered the feeder that T hung in the tree, although so had the ants. R cooked a dinner feast while I dropped T of on campus (no, he was not really home, he just needed a ride back after visiting his girlfriend at a college to the north). I even managed to get some cleaning done. And the best part was the temperature. No a/c or heating needed, windows wide open. On a day like this, I take deep breaths and simply ENJOY. That is something I never have to plan.

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