Saturday, July 14, 2012


Because I actually need to do tons of other stuff, I decided to go shopping. For work clothes. I typically get quite warm during work, so I like cool breezy cottony tops that look good enough to make me a bit presentable. However. If I may ask, who has decided that nice cottony breezy tops are not in style for well-rounded women, ever? Why am I supposed to wear polystery sweat-inducing large/wild/busy patterned thingies?

Perhaps I do not shop in the right store, that is entirely possible. Luckily I found something, a dress that E has been wishing for 'forever'. A dress with bicycles printed on it! And it is cute! Although R commented that there really was not enough dress.

Another time, I will introduce some family members with for instance a picture of E actually wearing the dress, but for now, I need to bake some focaccia to go with our pasta dinner, which will be attended by an assortment of teenagers and needs to be early because there is a concert tonight !


  1. Leuk stofje en een mooie kleur ook! :-)

  2. What a nice dress, I like the colour and the bikes, of course :)
    Thank you for your comment - my english is quite bad but I hope you understand what I say when I leave comments here :) or do you prefer german?
    Greetings from rainy Austria :)

    1. Maria, thank you so much! I am excited to see you on my blog. Your English does not look bad to me at all, but by all means do leave your comments in German. I miss the German language. And parts of the culture as well. But reading your blog makes me feel better and stay connected to that part of my journey- if that makes sense. Greetings from a hot, humid, and flat Indiana.