Monday, July 23, 2012

meet the family

I've wanted to introduce the four loves of my life for a while now- the human variety that is, the felines you have met on various posts.  I love my family because they are fun to hang out with, they have a great sense of humor, they can think for themselves, and are their own person.

They are compassionate, caring, and readily lend a hand to people in need of some support. They work hard, and enjoy live. They are curious and ask questions. The kids are supportive of each other, although that took many many years and a lot of fights and other nasty-ness...I'm just glad we are at a better point right now! We do not always get along, of course not. But mostly. So for me it is fun to spend some time with all of us together, before T goes to college at the end of the summer, and before V and E follow suit next year. All three are close in age, so close that it felt like triplets at times. T is just 15 months older than his sisters, and so for three months of the year, he is 2 years older, the rest of the time it is only one ( he used to like those three months a lot when he was younger).

T is the one in the front, E leans to the left of him, and V is next to R. Yes, the girls are monozygotic twins, both dying their hair (E lighter and V darker than the natural color). T was born in the Netherlands, and V and E in Germany.

That's my nuclear family, and we now live in the United States. Most of my extended family members are living in the Netherlands.
That's my family, enjoy yours!


  1. Lovely tribute to your near and dear ones! Is this your party-patio? Wish I could visit!

  2. nein, Julie, nicht meins! Wir sind jetzt fur ne Woche irgendwo anders. Aber ich mochte das nicht advertieren...mein weiss ja nie.
    Ich werde das spater mal erzahlen.
    Liebe gruess!

  3. was für eine wundervolle Aufnahme !

    liebe Grüße