Saturday, May 19, 2012


Zo heette onze buurt.
This used to be the name of our neighborhood. 

We hebben geen verplichte dingen dit weekend, en de kids gaan hun eigen gang- wij dus ook. Lekker 'carefree'. Gisteravond was ik wel even verdrietig van weer twee afwijzingen (voor banen) maar vandaag zie ik het zonniger in. 

We've got no commitments for this weekend, and the kids are doing their own things- so we do too! Last night I was quite sad about the two latest rejections (for jobs) but today I am looking on the bright side.

daylilly, ooit van mijn tuinierende vriendin Beth gekregen
daylilly, got those from my gardening friend Beth

Er is altijd veel te beleven in de tuin. Maar er zijn ook altijd veel muggen hier onder de bomen. Dus na mijn bloed donaties aan de muggen populatie ben ik nu binnen. Ga ik zo pizza deeg maken en daarna een paar boodschapjes doen. De rondbreipen waarop ik de deken maak is gebroken, maar even een nieuwe halen dan. 

There is always something to experience in the yard. But there are also always a lot of mosquitoes under the trees. So after my blood donations to the mosquito population I went inside. I'm going to make some pizza dough before heading out for some errands. The circular needle on which I am knitting the blanket has broken off, so I need to get a new one I guess.

peony after blooming

I don't really like these, first of all because i am allergic to them and second because the color is a bit too much for me. But in the grand scheme of the yard, they look good. Like that piece of fabric in a quilt that doesn't really look good on it's own but makes the quilt more colorful.

Oak leaf hydrangea

lambs ear, love the color and structure of the leaves

our overgrown fire pit- I just like the slightly overgrown look

what is left of a tree

the goddess of the garden, a surprise gift from R 

I wanted blue hydrangeas but if they are going to be this delicate lavender color I am okay with that too

remnant of a poppy


I am very happy with this picture, but V says it is over-exposed- I still like it! I love the dandelion puffs, and the German name for them : Pusteblumen
 That's my scraps of the day- Enjoy yours!

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  1. Lovely, lovely photos Margje! Especially that last one! Ha!) ;-)