Friday, November 27, 2015


It was Thanksgiving here (in the US) yesterday, and of course I practiced plenty of reflection on what I can/should be/am thankful for.

We (my love and I- the young adults were all celebrating elsewhere, Thijs was actually climbing a mountain in Colorado, Vera and Emma were being wined and dined by NYU in Paris) did not have the traditional dinner. I didn't feel like it (lot of reflection on the whole refugees/immigrants issues, and we are recent immigrants too). So I made a very nice pot of soup (onion, potato, tomato, kale, and chickpeas, if you must know).

On any given day, I usually try to 'walk the way of the seven joys', although I do not count anymore because there are always more. I simply try to find small and large moments of beauty, fun, quiet, connection, etc. I frequently text my children the word ' enjoy'. If I really think about it, my life is so fortunate, I can't even begin to 'list' what I am grateful for.

And then today, while I was enjoying hobby-ing around (baking, cooking, knitting, quilt making), it dawned on me: I am incredibly thankful for the gift of reading (okay and a bit of math).

I thought about how my life would be very very different if I could not, for whatever reason, read.  I can follow a recipe,  I can half or double that recipe, I can read a knitting pattern (with a little help from my friend at ) I can read my doctor's instructions, I understand posted public anouncements, I can enjoy books, I can function in a world that uses the printed word more than you realize until you think about it.

When we meet with families in my job, we usually ask how they like their information. And sometimes they say 'verbally'. And sometimes that means that they have difficulty with reading. So they don't know what it says on the discharge instructions. They can't measure their childs formula/medication without using techniques/tools that do not involve reading or math. They nowadays have some cool electronic options, still, much of the information they need is not accessible to them. Even if you explain things verbally,  like the rest of us, they can't remember everything...


  1. It's very important to be appreciative throughout all the year long! I find it crucial to thank to God as it...trigger Him to give us even more good things! )))That's the consequences!