Monday, March 23, 2015


I guess I am- enjoying the small things around home and yard. Even when (as is public knowledge by now) I'm no big fan of our current home-state. After so many years, there are some things tying me down, just a bit.

Cats, for one thing. Of course, we have moved with cats before (even moved our Spoenk from one continent to another), but this seems such a nice place for them to roam with no busy streets nearby.

And Mila, my Mila, who is no longer my Mila but did show up this morning, slipped in, and refused to leave. I had to put her outside this evening, and that broke my heart a little, she looked at me ...(and I interpreted) ...hurt, incredulous...

As I drove to work this morning, I was a bit angry, for the first time, at those nice people who welcomed her in their home. Which marked her a stranger in our home. The other cats were on high alert for 'intruder', and tails were puffed, hisses and growls were emitted.

And I had to deny 'my own cat' entry to the house. Sigh. But she made her choice. Although she seems oblivious, because after all, she is a  cat, although domesticated.

I am a little stubborn sometimes, and often foolishly so. Thus I resist books or TV series everyone is raving about, based on stubborn foolish principle, and as it turns out, when I do give in, it appears that I was wrong not to join in. One such book, which I now am going to recommend, is "All the light we cannot see" by Anthony Doerr. READ IT!

How's that for a disjointed blog post? Well, that's just how things are at the moment, in my head and of course in life, where best laid plans often remain just that, plans. Like my plans to tuck in early, which I have nearly every night and which never come to fruition. Ever.

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