Monday, December 22, 2014

on this frosty morn

My love just left with Vera for her appointment at the oral surgeon- all four wisdom teeth are coming out (at least, that is the plan). I am nervous for her and perhaps it is for the better that my love volunteered.

So here I am- with my coffee and Homer on my typing arm- contemplating the fact that my last scraps was posted around Thanksgiving - in my mind, I have written plenty of pieces, however when I sit down, none of them materialize on the page. And I am contemplating how, even after this many years (how many?) in this country, I am not good at participating in the holiday gift giving/cookie exchanges and other ingrained traditions.

One of our own, more recent traditions is hanging our first initial in the tree - family and significant others. Jake got his letter this year, because well, he is family, sort of (for those of you who are now confused: Jake has been friends with the girls for a long time, and lives with Vera and Kevin in the big city where he and Vera attend the same school).

Today I am not working although it is a Monday, instead I will make a last attempt at cleaning up for the holidays. And take care of my girl, once she returns home. The best available yogurt is, as promised, waiting in the fridge.

Over the weekend, the guys attempted some projects- the repair pictured above was not successful, but we do have a very fine log holder in the garage now, build with their own hands (Thijs and Kevin, with a little help from my love). The girls engaged in their own activities involving bleaching Vera's hair to about the same degree of blond as Emma's- will show pictures later, as it is funny how much difference a hair color makes in recognizing who is who...which reminded me of long ago after I had given both girls a buzz  cut (one of them had worn it longer for a while) and Thijs asked : "Vera, are you Emma?"

I agree with Vera, the world appears to have gone completely crazy - still, we are trying to celebrate our family gathering with joy and peace and wishing that upon everyone.

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