Sunday, February 16, 2014


...can be deceiving, as I found out once again and this time with a beautiful looking bread.

Not that it didn't taste good, it did. But the interior was just not at all what you would expect from such an 'artisan' look. It was plain old sandwich bread, nothing holey or holy about it. Thus the baking journey continues.

Trying some new technique in knitting, this will be a simple cat-blanket which my love says is way too nice for use by the hairy creatures.

Mila pretending to languish
The quilt top is almost done and I am putting together the back- a too small flat sheet that needs expanding with left-over blocks and strips. See, I am doing something with my 'free' time (still struggling with the balance between chores and hobbies and wishes for more paid work and enjoying less stress).

I am also using the treadmill more consistently now that my hip/back are not bothering me so much anymore. I feel almost like a whole new me, without those constant waves of pain! We will see how long this lasts. I hope longer than the point when I will run out of episodes of London Hospital which I am enjoying now to keep my mind of the fact that I am indeed exercising (with thanks to the kindle).

It keeps wintering. I am lucky enough to have a cozy home however the cats only reluctantly agree with staying warm inside. My love and I have planned our first trip for just the two of us, we will visit our family before spending some time together in one of Europe's amazing cities.

I will meet my youngest niece for the first time! Just the prospect simply brings tears of joy. My other sweety I have seen while face-timing the other day- she is already a pro in using electronic wonders and showed me the dresses in her new closet and the all-important swimming gear.

I am very much looking forward to roaming a gorgeous and romantic city with my love. The only downside is, that I generally rejuvenate enjoying  nature, not culture. An adventure to look forward to nonetheless.


  1. Yes, I'd have thought the bread would be different too! I like your color choices for the needle work and the lovely icicles!

  2. Julie, which needle work are you referring to? The quilt is Thijs's and he picked the colors. I am looking forward to the magic that happens when I start quilting the layers. And by the way, thanks for all your advice for my girls!