Monday, August 6, 2012

tranquility now

Phew- after a full day at the children's hospital, a full evening at home...I have vague hopes that this will settle somewhat so I can also spend some leisure time at night. For making a quilt for instance, or knitting.

It takes some adjustment, this working. Not only from me. E asked tonight: "So are you going to be working every day?" Yep, well, for the duration of the maternity leave. And after that we will see. But I love the work, and I really do not want to complain.

a Vermeer R was able to photograph at the Metropolitan Museum

Preparations are under way for T's big move to University next week. My feelings are very mixed up.

  at the entrance of the Rockefeller center
New York City was an enormously overwhelming chaos after the tranquility of Maine. But it has it's charm. And certainly some charming visitors!

the girls and me (V , E, M) just before Times Square
Perhaps it prepared me a bit for the whirlwind in which I feel I am now (or, that I should be now...). I like it okay, as long as I have a little 'Maine' at the end of my day.

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