Monday, August 13, 2012


I usually bring along tons of books and serious knitting projects (I've even been known to travel with quilting equipment) on family vacations. Not this year, for some reason. I brought one knitting project and I barely got it done- I finished it at home, to be honest. But here it is!

Two-at-a-time-toe-up-socks! I love the way the stripes turned out, but I am not too fond of the yarn- kroy socks by Patons. (love their wool, by the way)

In my enthusiasm, I knitted a bit too far and so, unfortunately, they are too big for my feet.

Next up is a pair in purple/grey, I'll be careful to reign in my enthusiasm a bit with those. Since I do not have that much time, that will likely not be a problem.


  1. Very cute Margje! So who are they for if not for you? ;-)

  2. well...anyone thinking they might fit them? They are too large for me (size 38 or 8) and the girls, who are size 39/ they might be about 40/10...
    i'll ship 'm off if you provide an address (